Artist Biographies - IntoberFest 2016

Mark Beatty

Mark Beatty (b. Dublin, Ireland) uses drawing as a means to occupy the present with an activity, a practice. His works – predominantly pen on paper, consist of lines and marks, which grow slowly and organically towards their unknown outcome. The resulting works can be viewed as emotionally charged landscapes, and an escape from the mundane as well as a relic of Beatty’s handling of time.

Mark Beatty studied Painting at the National Collage of Art and Design, Dublin. Previous exhibitions include Take Me to the Other Side, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin (2013); Half and Half, The Vineyard, Cork (2010); Teenage Tusk, DAF 106 Gallery, New Zealand (2009) and Screaming Tounges, SIM Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland (2009) He lives and works in West Cork, Ireland.

Laura Condon

Laura Condon (b. Ireland) is an artist who works within the frames of painting, assemblage, photography and poetry. Her installation encompasses these different mediums under the arc of a personal abstract narative, which aims to make visible often overlooked internal dialogues. Through a process of making art intuitively, the finished pieces, or art objects, can be viewed as little pieces of the artist.

Laura Condon recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design, when she studied painting. Previous exhibitions include NCAD Graduate show, the National College of Art & Design, Dublin (2016); Romantic land & art life, Steambox, Dublin (2015); IMMAgination, Dun laoghaire gallery, Dublin (2015) and Perspectives on Painting, Ja Ja Studios, Dublin (2014). She lives and works in Dublin.

Markus Davies

Markus Davies’s (b. Germany) art work is a personal response to the built environment in which we live. He uses painting as a means to reassess elements of architecture, urban geometric and design, whilst exploring the possibilities of paint and an investigation into form and color through his process - driven practice.

Markus Davies graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2015, he lives and works in Bray, Co. Wicklow. Past exhibitions include: In Place, Tara St, Dublin (2016); NCAD Graduate Show, Dublin (2015); SAS 15’ Annual Member Exhibition, Bray, Co. Wicklow, (2015) and Patchings Art, Nottingham, UK (2012).

Luke Drozd

Luke Drozd (b. Derby, UK) is an artist and illustrator, who works across a variety of media, with a focus on sculpture, print and performance. Finding relationships between materials and objects, and images and words is central to Luke’s practise. Letting his hands make the decisions, he creates a series of playful investigations that re-interpret ways of looking at the world.

Luke completed his MAFA at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Solo exhibitions include: WIMS, Homesession, Barcelona, Spain (2016); Bag Juice, Juicy Juice, 38b Peckham Rye, London (2014) and I Refuse To Be Destroyed, Bradford, UK (2013). In 2007, he was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. He lives and works in London.

Rhian Foley

Rhian Foley (b. County Wexford, Ireland) is a visual artist and printmaker. Through her use of photography, print and projection, Rhian explores how a space or a material object from a memory can induce an emotional response in the present. Her installation allows the viewer to experience the intangiable feelings associated with these recreated memories, whilst acknowledging the unstable, changing nature of memory.

Rhian Foley graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2016. Her work has been shown in exhibitions including: N.C.A.D Graduate Show ‘Hidden Gems’, National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2016); All, Dinero Fine Arts, Wexford, (2015); Out of Ink, Gorey, Wexford (2013). She lives and works in Co. Wexford.

Jenny Gorden

Jenny Gorden (b. London, UK) is an artist and film-maker. Drawing on her experience as a woman of mixed race origin, her work examines concepts of identity, isolation and alienation through the medium of film, collage and installation. The resulting negotiations of cultural positioning form the foundation of her enquiry into the dislocations of personal identity and physical belonging.

Select group exhibitions include: Artists Film Biennial: Outside, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2016); A Fete Worse Than Death, Red Gallery, London (2015); Platform Arts, Belfast, UK (2014); Islip Art Museum, New York (2014) and Art on Fire, Camberwell Space, London (2012).

Jenny Gordon co-founded WhittyGordon Projects in 2011. WhittyGordon Projects received commissions from The Big Lottery in 2015/2016, Arts Council funding in 2014 to deliver projects in London and Kingston, Jamaica.

Noel Hensy

Noel Hensy (b. Dublin, Ireland) is a multi-disciplinary sculptor whose practice includes photography, installation, sculpture, sound and video. Hensy’s work is interested in the perceptive dynamics of encountering found objects and situations whereby a viewer’s habitual semantic and judgemental processes are slowed down.

Noel’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues including: Catalyst Arts, Belfast, (2016); ArtVenice Biennale, Venice, Italy (2015); Berlin Biennale For Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2012; 411 Galleries, Hangzhou City, Beijing, (2005). His solo exhibitions include: Miles From Home, Riverbank Arts Centre, Co. Kildare, Ireland, (2012); Rollage, The Ivy House, Dublin (2004); Sick, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin (2008). He lives and works in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Genuine Laminate

'I am interested in how we interact with information. How our subconscious piecemeal absorption of our surroundings is subsequently reinterpreted by our conscious minds. My work is an investigation into this. Within this impetus there is desire to perpetuate investigation itself as an instrument of cognition or understanding.'

Michael Lawton

Michael Lawton (b. Sheffield, United Kingdom) is an artist and writer. Michael’s paintings emerge from quick sketches or photographs of random stimuli. Using these as a starting point he then keeps painting until he reaches “somewhere unexpected” in his chosen format – traditional rectangular canvases, all of the same size.

Michael Lawton studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, Chelsea College of Art & Design and is two years into a PhD at the University of Kent. Recent exhibitions include The Smaller The Larger, Sobering Gallery, (Paris, 2016); But soft, what light, Window Space Gallery, (London, 2015) and Trenta per Venticinque, Yellow, Varese, Italy (2015). He lives and works in London.

Eleanor Lines

Eleanor Lines (b. London, UK) is a fine artist and printmaker. Her work draws upon digital and analogue technologies to create visual work which sits somewhere between the two. One of the works exhibited derives from sound waves taken from various instrument recordings, and the graphic patterns the vibrations produced. Eleanor manipulated these patterns through collage to create ‘visual sound score’ with a mix of warm and cool colours that animate as the viewer passes by.

Eleanor Lines completed her Masters in Fine Art at the Royal Collage of Art, London, UK. Her work has been exhibited at venues including Neo: Gallery22, Bolton, UK (2016); The Nunnery Gallery, London (2015); RCA Secret, London (2014), Hot Bed Press, Salford, UK (2013) 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning Gallery, London, UK (2013). She has been commissioned to create a public art work in London, and selected to take part in the Snetha Residency, Athens, Greece at the end of 2017.

Kathryn McShane

Kathryn McShane (b. Northern Ireland) is an artist who works across a variety of media. In the work exhibited she uses video and installation to examine cultural identity in Northern Ireland and how it has been affected by changes to funding structures and management within the arts. Her work can be viewed as a series of inquiries looking at broader notions of culture and the sense of identity and defiance against institutional authority.

Kathryn McShane recently completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Selected exhibitions include: Degree Showcase, National College of Art and Design (June 2016); re; position, MART gallery, Rathmines, Dublin (May 2015); Studio Student gallery National College of Art and Design, Dublin (November 2014); We’ll come up with {some}thing, Jamestown Studios, Inchicore, Dublin (December 2013). Kathryn was Longlisted for the RDS Graduate Awards 2016, she currently lives and works in Dublin.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy (b. Limrick, Ireland) is a sculptor who works primarily with Ceramic.
The ceramic panel works exhibited as part of INktoberFest are all base on drawings that are first developed in notebooks. The sources of these drawings mainly comes from imagery received from social media on a personal device. The size of each panel is based on the size of the note book.

Michael studied MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK. Born in Ireland, he now lives and works in London.

Fergus Niland

Fergus Niland (b. Leicester, UK) is an artist and designer. He studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, specialising in Painting. His artworks are made using digital print, and can be considered alongside the following quote:

"We’re all rotten, all of us, every last one of us.”

Niland currently lives and works between the west coast of Ireland and Bergamo, Italy.

Open Night Cinema

Open Night Cinema is live cinematic entity that was created in and inspired by the industrial landscapes of Dublin City. The collective create improvised live art events which blur the lines between cinematic exhibition, art installation and musical and theatrical performance. Their events are intended to rupture and transform the space outside the projected frame, and breathe new life into the cinematic experience.

Open Night Cinema is made up of Shane Cleare, Michael Higgins, Cillian Roche and Oli Ryan, they live and work in Dublin. Recent performances include Parnassius Mnemosyne, Riga, Latvia (2016); Bury me standing, Moving Bodies Live Art and Butoh Festival, Mart Gallery, Dublin (2016) and Junk, an Experimental Film Society event at Filmbase, Dublin (2016).

Tamsin Snow

Born 1980, London
Lives and works in London & Dublin.

Tamsin received a BA Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London in 2008 and a MA Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London 2012. She is the recipient of 2016 Visual Arts Bursary Award, Arts Council Ireland, 2015 Dazed and Confused Emerging Artists Award, 2013 Royal Hibernian Academy – Artist's Studio Award, RHA, Dublin, 2010 Project Bursary Award, Wicklow County Council, Ireland and 2010 Artlinks Bursary Award, Artlinks, Ireland.

Ronan Tuite

Ronan Tuite (b. Meath, Ireland) graduated from Goldsmiths University with an MA in Computational Arts. He also holds additional qualifications in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and National College of Art and Design, Dublin. He has received numerous awards from funding bodies including the Irish Arts Council. He lives and works in London.

Conor Walton

Conor Walton is a Wicklow based artist whose art work range from small still lifes to large-scale figure paintings. Essentially a figurative painter in the European tradition using painting as a means to explore issues of truth, meaning and value.

Born in Dublin in 1970, Conor Walton studied painting at NCAD, winning the Taylor Prize in 1993.

Susanne Wawra

Susanne Wawra (b. Langenhain, Germany) is an artist who works in mixed media painting which incorporates photography and experimental video. The painting displayed is apart of her Memento series, which is a “(re)collection” of her personal life history. Susanne employs a mix of media, processes and layers to create permanent physical records of her memories and fabricate the internal as external. The resulting interweaving of print and paint allows for the creation of something hovering between real and imagined; a memory.

Susanne Wawra completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Her work has been exhibited venues including at: Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh, Scotland (2014); Arterie Fine Arts, Naperville, IL, USA (2014). Her videos have been screened at exhibitions and film festivals including: Moving Bodies Festival, MART Gallery, Dublin, Ireland (2016); OSTRALE ‘O15, Ostragehege, Dresden, Germany(2015); Les Instants Vidéo, [.Box] Galerie, Milan, Italy, (2015); BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film & Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain (2015).

Fiona Whitty

The artistic research of Fiona Whitty focuses on the documentary as a means to critically examine the spaces where cultures merge and co-exist. The moving image becomes a site of visibility for idiosyncratic histories, secret rituals, and personal narratives.

Fiona Whitty was born in Co. Wicklow, Ireland in 1984 and moved to London in 2009. Fiona is a visual artist/filmmaker and her work is usually in the form of documentary. Fiona holds a BFA (1st class hons.) from D.I.T Ireland Fine Art, 2006 and MA (distinction) from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London in 2009.

Conor Wickham

Conor Wickham is an artist who works through drawing, painting and print.
'The viewer is to interpret my work any way they feel. I have no desire to lecture or tell someone what they should be feeling or thinking, nor have I any want to rationalise or explain myself. Viewing and creating art is a personal experience. All to often we are told what to think and how to conform to the point where we become dependant upon others to think for us.'

Conor Wickham (b. Wexford, Ireland) BA Fine Art Print, NCAD 2004